Workforce Management Mobile App

Workforce Management Mobile App is a complete package designed primarily for tracking movement of people working in the field and monitoring the status of the activities assigned to them in real time. The app captures complete information of his movement, attendance approval and the claims submitted by him. The time and the location monitoring helps in having the clear visibility of the exact location of the person replacing the traditional way of capturing attendance and manual follow up for movement and activities status. The package has mobile app as well as web version available for the convenient use as per need. First phase of application has been built with focus on movement capturing, attendance registration/ approval and claims submission/approval. 2nd phase of application is under development focussing on online appraisal system and giving flexibility to the employee for all the information update etc.



Employees can view pay slips, year to-date salary reports, and Form 16 right from their mobile.


Employees can apply for leaves & expense claims online and managers can approve them with the click of a button.


Employees can plan and submit tax declarations online and take home maximum salary.

Food Delivery App

we build highly interactive and easy-to-manage food delivery iPhone app and food delivery Android app that connects your restaurant / fast food joint with customers. Basically, there are two types of On-Demand Food Delivery Apps. First - Food Aggregator Apps, there are apps that allow customers to search for restaurants near them, booking their seats or ordering food online. Second-Restaurant Mobile App, there are apps dedicated to restaurant owner, allowing the users to book their seats online. We provide customized food ordering app solutions for both types of requirements.

Inventory Management App

This inventory management app is designed to help manage orders, inventory and sales on a mobile device. It does not currently integrate with other services or software, but you can export the database and potentially view data from this app in a spreadsheet or similar tool.