VMware Virtualization Solutions and Cloud Computing

With numerous powerful solution modules for virtualization and cloud computing, VMware facilitates a reliable, efficient and low-maintenance operation of your entire IT infrastructure.

The demands towards performance and reliability of information technology assets are increasing constantly, because IT solutions are constituting an integral part of day-to-day operations in more and more business areas in organizations and enterprises of all kinds. At the same time, current and future requirements also include that IT costs have to be reduced, general expenses minimized and business processes streamlined.

The resulting precarious balancing act between scarce resources on the one hand and rising expectations on the other calls for new approaches towards IT management as a whole. Virtualization and cloud computing can offer suitable answers and consequently continue a year-long tendency to transform rigid infrastructures into flexible "Infrastructure as a Service“.

VMware: Established Cloud Solutions from the Leading Provider

VMware provides a number of powerful solution components for basic virtualizing tasks, e.g. in server or desktop environments, as well as for comprehensive cloud infrastructure virtualization. With these tools you will be able to achieve a significantly optimized performance in regard to efficiency, management and flexibility alike.

Data Center Solutions – VMware vSphere

Reduced energy consumption due to hardware consolidation and optimized server load balancing.
More dynamic and flexible server provisioning and better performance due to a centralized and automated management of all virtual resources.
Increased security and availability and therefore guaranteed business continuity and compliance due to disaster recovery, protection against downtimes and load balancing with VMware vCenter Server, VMware vMotion and VMware DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler).

Desktop Virtualization – VMware View and VMware ThinApp

Central management of all desktops, applications and data due to a provisioning of desktops as a managed service.
Reliable IT controlling regarding governmental, legal and internal guidelines (compliance).
Optimized responsiveness to new business requirements.
Reducing administration and costs while increasing efficiency in the overall desktop management.

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