Network Operations & Maintenance 24X7

As part of the solution, HTIS offers a package of various functionalities in the field of network managed services and network security selected according to the needs and requirements of the customer. The main aim is to relieve the customer of any activities related to the management and administration of data networks.

Network management services are provided either on-site or remotely from a HTIS facility such as a network operations centre.

The scope of services

  • Technical Analysis and audits that involve inventory and review of existing networking solutions in terms of their effectiveness.
  • Implementation of high-quality network solutions.
  • Advice on the selection of appropriate product solutions.
  • Developing architecture that provides secure communication within the company.
  • Designing and creating network solutions LAN/WAN/WLAN/VPN/MPLS.
  • Installation and configuration of network devices.
  • IT networks management and monitoring services.
  • Equipment maintenance and ICT systems maintenance services.

HTIS Network Managed Services – for whom?

HTIS offers a wide range of network managed services, depending on the structure of the branches and the needs of specific companies:

  • LAN: designed networks with a coverage over single office buildings or office or university campuses. This solution guarantees the highest available bandwidth for users within short connection distances.
  • WAN: designed networks with a coverage over customer’s geographically dispersed locations / branches.
  • WiFi Network: HTIS offers a comprehensive service of initiating Wi-Fi wireless data networks in locations indicated by the customer. The resulting infrastructure provides access to the Internet of network devices such as PCs, notebooks, PDAs, smartphones etc. The solution can be supported by a platform that provides access authorization for users.

Network Management Services – Benefits

  • Provides scalable and consistent IT solutions with the possibility of their extension along with the changing business.
  • Improvement of the communication within the company through the selection of the optimal network architecture affects the growth of productivity and efficiency of employees and reduces the cost of communications.
  • The company can concentrate on its core tasks and entrust the construction and maintenance of local area network to high-class specialists.
  • First Line of Support – taking over by Comarch of contacts with telecommunications operators and ongoing network support.
  • Clear means of assessing the quality guaranteed by SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • One point of contact - in the event of failure, the customer contacts only Comarch.

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