MPLS VPN/Internet Leased Line

We are channel Partner with leading Internet Service Provider in India for following business solutions.

  • MPLS-VPN Connectivity
  • Point to Point Connectivity
  • Internet Lease Line

What is a Leased Line Used For?

Businesses use leased lines to....

  • connect to the Internet
  • link PCs and servers in different corporate offices
  • carry phone calls
  • enable staff to connect to their work PCs from home

Leased Lines are dedicated?

By definition, leased lines are 'dedicated'. This means that all along the route of your leased line, the bandwidth you need has been reserved solely for your use.

Unlike consumer Internet connections, the bandwidth available does not fall at peak times, when other customers of the same ISP try to use their connections at the same time as you.

Leased Lines are Symmetric?

This means they can upload data at the same fast speed at which they can can download data. This can be useful if staff need to….

  • access their work PC’s desktops from home
  • send large files
  • upload sizable files to your web sites
  • backup data using online services
  • host web sites on a server at your office
  • use VoIP telephony

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