Biometric Attendance Solutions

What is Biometric Attendance System ?

Biometric Attendance System comprise of Biometric Hardware, Ethernet Cabling & Attendance Software. The Biometric Attendance Systems helps companies to track and monitor when employees start and stop work. Biometric time and attendance system enables an employer to monitor their employees working hours and late arrivals, early departures, time taken on breaks and absenteeism, etc.

Business Benefits

Some of the major business benefits of using Biometric Attendance Systems are:

  • Avoid manual attendance registers that are error prone.
  • Avoid proxy punching of attendance as biometric identification are unique.
  • Users needn’t carry RFID or Access Cards for Punching Attendance.
  • Single device can store upto 5000 Employee Fingerprints. Scalable for large organization.
  • Centralized attendance management is possible for customers who have branches in multiple locations.
  • Integrations with leading payroll software.

Types of Devices

The following are major type of Attendance devices:

RFID Based

Uses RFID 125Khz technology for smart card based attendance and access systems.

Biometric Fingerprint Based

Most commonly used devices that are affordable, best performers and scalable.

Biometric Face Reader Based

Use human facial points for identification. Useful in factory areas where employees hands are dirty.

Biometric Palm Reader Based

More precise biometric identification systems. Expensive and used for identification sensitive access control requirements.

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